Journey through the Mullet

A wonderful collection of stories from old times in the Mullet

This book, Journey Through the Mullet, comes from listening to two previous generations telling us what they had heard from generations before them and how they had heard the old people sitting around the fire telling the stories of what life used to be like living on the Mullet. I remember myself as a child in the sixties back in the days when there was nothing else to do once darkness had fallen, ramblers or visitors would just lift the latch and walk in.

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Turas Siar Go Cill Mór the book

A wonderful 100 page book complete with 3 CD's

This is a transcription of audio tapes made by Pádhraic (“Pap”) Ó Murchú from Cartúr, Clochar on the Mullet Peninsula in the Erris Gaeltacht in Co. Mayo from the sixties onwards. There is a wide range of topics covered here, such as farming and fishing practices, the social conventions of the people and much more, from the old days to recent times. There is a wealth of folklore on these tapes as well and descriptions of every aspect of the lives of ordinary people in a remote Gaeltacht area over many years and several generations.