Turas Siar go Cill Mór

A wonderful 100 page book complete with 3 CD's

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This is a transcription of audio tapes made by Pádhraic (“Pap”) Ó Murchú from Cartúr, Clochar on the Mullet Peninsula in the Erris Gaeltacht in Co. Mayo from the sixties onwards. There is a wide range of topics covered here, such as farming and fishing practices, the social conventions of the people and much more, from the old days to recent times. There is a wealth of folklore on these tapes as well, and descriptions of every aspect of the lives of ordinary people in a remote Gaeltacht area over many years and several generations. This is a description of a people who endured hardship on a regular basis but who always displayed a level of dignity and nobility in the way they dealt with the various problems that confronted them. There is humour here, sorrow and tragedy too, but underlying it all we hear clearly the authentic sounds and accents of the local dialect, in Pádhraic’s own contributions, and in the voices of a generation who have long since passed on. This book is the beginning of a Project which it is hoped will result in all of Pádhraic’s tapes being digitised, then transcribed directly and phonetically, using the authentic dialectic sounds and accents of this Gaeltacht, in order that these recordings can be preserved and left in place for future generations. I believe that there are two main advantages to this undertaking: firstly, we will have a permanent record of Erris Irish which will last indefinitely and which can form the basis of research by anyone interested in the version of the Irish language which is unique to this area; the other advantage I envisage is that these recordings will provide the opportunity for young people from the area (or, indeed anybody else) who may have a certain interest in the local dialect, to study and utilise the pronunciations and sounds of our local Irish. It also provides a great opportunity for us, the people involved in this project, to play our part in the preservation and survival of Erris Irish, and I’m pleased to play a part in that.